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Radio Communication Test System

The Versatile and Shielded Test system, for UUT with a RF & Radio interface such as Mobile communication, PDA, remote key less entry, Display, Wireless application etc. The UUT can operate on the basis of diverse, Radio standard such as GSM, WCDMA, Bluetooth, WLAN or RF

The Test system was designed to Test the Radio Communication test Unit, with Standard USB interface, Housed with NI Controller card, Relay board and Micro controller to test the possible Components in the UUT, the system is designed with Modular Design, The DLL interface is provided on the software end to control the individual components. This system is primarily used in Service, repair and Quality assurance.

Design and Functions:

The Semi-Automated test system consists of base and a fold-out upper part with pneumatic support for easier opening and closing. The upper part includes a Universal stabilized piece for UUT positing as well as other test points for tasks that need to be performed from the upper side of the UUT.

The base integrates the lower part of the RF chamber with the exchangeable test pins including UUT mount. The test Controller card, Relay matrix, Power supply, Micro controllers are fitted here.

The Program is Written in VB to test the Built in Signal conditioning and Power unit, communication, Display unit etc.

Shielded test Chamber:

When RF modules are tested, External sources of Interference (nearby base stations, adjacent test systems, etc. must always be taken into account. To sufficiently suppress these signals, the system is shielded against high frequency interference. Pneumatic lines are conducted through specific wall feed thoughts, electrical signals through RF feed through or sub D connectors with filters. Thus Acoustic Measurements with artificial speaker and microphones can be performed through the RF tests in a single Test system during the final testing of communication device.

Flexible antenna couplers are provided for testing wireless interfaces in the RF range. They are Available for all common frequency ranges are used for example with 2G and 3G mobile Phones, WLAN adapters or Bluetooth.

Main Board test:

A Common Problem that occurs when printed board assemblies are tested is that a lot of test points have to be connected to the measuring instruments. A Really matrix is accommodated near the UUT ensures short lines and Keeps the capacitive load of the test points low. Plus the Multitude of signal lines in the cabling of the entire test system was reduced. This is yet another advantage of our system.

By Installing Probes in the upper part of the UUT, the module can be contacted from both sides. Test points with electrically sensitive signals can be driven by separate pneumatic probes that are contacted during a measurement or adjustment routine. High – frequency signals are coupled and decoupled via specific test probes that can also be operated pneumatically, if required pneumatically moving pins connect the module during the test by means of the standard interfaces that can be accessed by the end user

Final test:

Unlike the board test where plenty of electrical signals have to be contacted the final test checks the ready assembly unit and if required performs the adjustment routines, usually those components are submitted to a test that have been added after the board test was performed. Depending on the type and scope of the test specifications, these are various electrical tests, tests of the acoustic components, the control elements, and the display and with mobile phones of the latest generation.

Display and Camera test:

Malfunctions of displays can be manually tested by the test personnel, or by means of an automatic optical test which permits very reliable testing and the setting of reproducible operating conditions such as display contrast.

Display functionality, quality standards of the manufactures and the applicable test strategy affect the focus of the optical test includes

  • Checking the fitting position
  • Contrast and color measurements
  • Front and logo recognition
  • Testing for rows and column failure, and
  • Testing for defects of individual display pixels

Crucial to the technical effort involved is the display resolution, whether a pixel-oriented test is required of a color display is to the tested, and how homogeneous the display lighting is.

Application :
    1. Service and Quality Assurance
    2. Test of Printed circuit board
    3. RF testing via built in accessories
    4. Audio tests
    5. Keyboard test
    6. Display test
    7. Tests of Built in cameras
System Characteristics:
  1. Over all concept of the Test system is to test board and final test as well as the interfaces
  2. RF and audio-compliant setup of the test chamber
  3. Modular design
  4. Controllable via standardized USB interface
  5. Easy manual handling due to Pneumatic support
  6. Status display for user information
  7. Operating program using GUI for debug purpose and Manual Operation

This Modular Test system provides a fast and project – specific provision of system components for the functional tests of UUT with radio interface.

The Scope of Application of this test system ranges from Module test to final test, which includes the electrical, mechanical acoustic and optical test and thus enables the testing of all current known elements.

The module design of this test system is an ideal solution for testing any Communication system

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