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  • 3042 Rotterdam, Netherlands; Van Noortwijcksingel

Chip Test

We believe the output will be very useful to troubleshoot the electronics circuit cards, Analysis the circuit, redesign etc

Chip Test

ChipTest is an IC Test company. With Operations in Chennai, Singapore, Malaysia, ChipTest offers Turnkey Test Engineering & Production Support. At ChipTest, the focus is to provide cost-effective Test Solutions – Offshore & Onsite, to global semiconductor companies. ChipTest has significant experience in the semiconductor industry with close association with growing Assembly & Test subcons in the Asia Pacific Region.

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Test Engineering

  • Project Feasibility Study
    • Data Sheet & Product Functionality Review and Analysis
    • Determination of Required Tests based on Product application and Electrical parameter specifications
    • Tabulation of Test methodology for each test with input / output conditions&  limits, in the form of a Test Plan Matrix
    • Agreement with Customer on the derived Test Plan Matrix & Scope
  • Hardware Design & Fabrication
    • Selection of appropriate Tester platform capable of handling the product for  the agreed Test Plan Matrix
    • Design of the product hardware load board schematic and the Adaptor  Board for interfacing with the DUT
    • Selection of Manual Test Socket, Handler Contactor Mechanism inclusive of  the Mechanical interface design
    • Design of the probe card based on the die pad layout and suitable interface  with the Tester Load Board
    • Fabrication of designed hardware modules like Load Board, Manual DUT Board,  Handler Interface Board & the Probe Cards
  • Program Development & Debugging
  • Development of the test program code for the designed hardware schematic as per the agreed Test Plan Matrix conditions
  • Debugging of the program using the constructed hardware modules and  known good products
  • Verification of test measurement data for each parameter
  • Refinement of hardware or test program depending upon the product  characteristics & the observed values, for better performance
  • Test Time Optimization is considered as part of the program debugging
  • Product Characterization & Correlation
    • Verification & Refinement of the developed application program and set-up  using Correlation Units provided by the Customer, wherever available
    • Correlation of Tester measurements with Bench parameter values in case of
      non-availability of known correlation units
    • Electrical Characterization of New products for various parameters & input  conditions
    • Statistical Analysis of the measured values & Determination of test limits
    • Generation of Schmoo & Statistical distribution plots wherever possible for  review by the Design team


  • Electronic Products
    • Boards for High Speed Digital and Precision Analog Requirements
    • Boards for Multi-site and Equal Trace Length Requirements
    • ATE Board Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
    • ATE & Application Board Hardware Schematics
    • Board Layout Design & Engineering
    • Board Fabrication & Testing
    • BOM Components Procurement & Assembly
    • Customized Ring Type & Rail type Interconnectors
  • PCB Development
    • Schematics Design – Cadence, Mentor Graphics & Orcad Tools
    • Board Layout Design – Allegro, Orcad & Mentor Graphics Tools
    • 28 Layers Impedance Controlled Boards Design
    • Board Thickness upto 6 mm and Airgap as low as 0.3 mils
    • Normal & Sequential Lamination with Technologies
    • Capability for both Blind & Buried Via Options
    • Hard Gold & Immersion Gold Plating Options
  • Mechanical Products
    • Gravity Feed Plunge to Board Low foot print Handlers
    • Low Cost Manipulators for different ATE Test Heads
    • Handler Spare Parts & Consumables
    • Gravity / Bowl Feed & Map Handler Conversion Kits
    • Pick & Place Handler Conversion kits
    • Tape & Reel Conversion Kits for various Packages
    • ATE Test Sockets & Contactors upto 5 mil pitch
    • Mechanical Stiffeners for ETS, 93K & Advantest Load Boards
    • Docking plates for Pick & Place & Gravity Feed Handlers
  • Mechanical Development
    • Cutting edge Mechanical Engineering Services
    • Conceptual & Product Design
    • 2D CAD Drafting & Drawings
    • 3D Modelling
    • FEA Analysis & CAE Simulations

Automation Solutions


    • Embedded Hardware Design for Semiconductor Equipment
    • Embedded Software development for Equipment Control / Interface
    • Semiconductor Equipment and Process Control Applications
    • Bench Instrumentation and Labview Automation
    • Automated Data Collection and Report Generation
    • Sample Solutions – PASCAL LASER, Wireless commander, GPS tracker
    • TCP/IP based Emergency Alarm System
    • Poke yoke systems to avoid manual errors
    • PLC based system Automation Solutions
    • PLC based system Automation to PC based system
    • Access control and Security systems
    • Visual inspecting systems for visual verifications
    • Embedded Peel force Analyzer with graphical output
    • Auto loading / unloading mechanism for Manual Equipment
    • Embedded temperature and Humidity monitoring system
  • Technologies
    • Microcontroller Architecture & their Development Tools
    • PC Based Tools & Embedded Software Stacks Development & Management
    • 8-bit, 16-bit & 32-bit microcontrollers, including 8051, PIC, ARM
    • Assembler, C, VB, VC++
    • Wide range of Embedded compilers – Keil, GNU and CodeWarrior , CCS C
    • Embedded real-time operating systems, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Linux
    • Communication protocols – I2C , SPI, RS232, RS485 , USB , GSM , GPS, TCP/IP, ZIGBEE

Test Production

  • General
    • Capabilities to test products in both packaged level Component form as well as die level wafer form
    • Assignment of Unique Traceable Production Lot Numbers and Tracking of  individual Lot test data
    • On-line Monitoring of Test Yields and Analysis / Reporting of Low Yielding  Engineering Lots
    • Even load balancing technique is adopted to handle any sudden spike in the  production volumes, than the usuals
    • Fool-proof reject handling mechanism at all stages of Testing
    • Controlled Test Program Release & Revision Control
    • Controlled Load Boards & associated Hardware Maintenance
    • Documented well established set-up verification procedures
  • Component Test
    • Single-site & Multi-site handling capabilities
    • Kelvin and True Plunge to Board Contacts available
    • Soft and Hard Docking Handler Mechanisms
    • Inhouse design & fabrication of Handler Contactor Interface
    • On-line inspection of Visual Mechanical Parameters
  • Wafer Test
    • Single-site & Multi-Site handling capabilities
    • Offline and Online Inking capabilities
    • Wafer Sort Results available in Standard Map formats
    • On-line inspection of Probe & Ink Mark
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