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Calibration Service

We are committed to providing superior on-site and off-site calibration and repair services for a wide range of Test, Measuring and Manufacturing Equipment.

Calibration Service

Revisyz in partnership with Metrological Testing & Calibration Centre is `{`NABL CERTIFIED LABORATORIES`}`

We undertake Services (Calibration division) a Precised Calibration laboratory equipped with world class Instruments/Equipments traceable to National/International Standards and is professionally managed by a team of qualified, trained, experienced personnel in the specialized field of Instrumentation and measurements. We

Also provide Calibration service @ customer premises promptly and at a competitive price for the satisfaction of customers.

Quality Policy

Prompt and Precise Calibration Service traceable to National/International Standards to meet maximum Accuracy ratio and customer satisfaction by assuring the International Standard’s requirements and adequate training of the personnel.

Our Calibration Services rendered to Our Testing & Calibration Centre/Equipments

Measuring Instruments/Equipments

Instruments/Equipments Calibration Range/Facility
Analog/Digital Panel Meters 1000V AC/DC Voltage, 30A AC/DC Current(Direct)
Analog/Digital Multimeters & Clamp meters 1000V AC/DC Voltage, 30A AC/DC Current (Direct), 1000 GW Resistance,2000A AC/DC Current (Indirect)
Frequency Meters & Counters & Rpm-Tachometers  0.5 Hz  to 40 GHz/10Rpm to 100000Rpm
Micro/Milliohm Meters,  Earth Resistance Meters, Meggers, Insulation testers, Million/Mega ohm Meters 100uW – 10TGW(up to 10 TW)
Temperature Indicators/Controllers, Temperature Recorders, Temperature Scanners K-Type : -200 to 1370 °C, J-Type  : -100 to 760 °C E-Type  : -100 to 700 °C , T-Type  : -200 to 400 °C

PT-100  : -200 to 800 °C

Thermocouples, PT-100 Sensors,  Glass Thermometers, Temperature Gauges Ambient to 650 °C & Rh:20% to 95%


Real time & Digital Oscilloscope, Curve tracers Up to 40 GHz Bandwidth
Voltage, Current & Differential  Probes Based on Parameter/Range

Sourcing Instruments/Equipments

Instruments/Equipments Calibration Range/Facility
AC/DC Voltage/Current sources  (Power Supplies,mV sources, mA sources etc) 1000V AC/DC Voltage, 1000A AC/DC Current


HVBD, HV Tester 40/28 KV DC/AC Voltage @50Hz  up to 30kV
Function Generators, Frequency/Signal sources 1Hz to 40 GHz
Decade Resistance Boxes, Standard Resistors 100 uW to 1000 GW(up to 1 TW)
Hot/Cold fluid Baths, Hot Air Ovens/Chambers -200 °C to 1800 °C & Rh:20%  TO 95%
Soldering/Desoldering stations Ambient to 1800 °C
Voltage, Current, Temperature, Process Calibrators etc Based on Parameters/Ranges

& Other Instruments like AC/DC Wattmeters, Timers, Leakage testers etc 

Standards/Masters used for Calibration of Test & Measuring Instruments/Equipments

Standards/Masters Make/Model Basic Accuracy
8½ digit Multimeter Transmille/8081 ± 3ppm
8½ digit Multimeter HP / 3458A ± 5ppm
7 ½ digit Multimeter Keithley /2001 (gmbh) ± 20ppm
6½ digit Multimeter Picotest/PM3500A ± 50ppm
6 ½ digit Multimeter Philips /PM-2525 ± 60ppm
5 ½ digit Multimeter Fluke/ 8840A (USA) ± 30ppm
4 ½ digit Multimeter Hinditron/ 86 (USA) ± 0.05%
4 ½ digit Thermometer Fluke/ 52 (USA) ±  0.05%
Ac/Dc Clamp meter Escort-689 (Taiwan) ± 0.1 %
Data Logger(Temperature & Humidity) Brainchild/VR-18(Japan) ± 0.01DegC & 1% Rh
Humidity Sensors Brainchild/VR-18(Japan) ±1% Rh
HV Probe Pintek /HVP80k40 (USA) ± 1 %
AC/DC  Current shunt Fluke/ 80J10-USA ± 0.025%
Micro Wave Frequency Counter 20GHz HP / 5350B-USA ± 1ppm
Universal  Frequency Counter 2.1GHz Philips/Fc-121 ± 5 ppm
Universal  Frequency Counter 1.1GHz Philips/ 6669-USA ± 10 ppm
RF Power meter with sensor HP 437B(8481A,D+8182A)USA ± 1dbm
RF Spectrum Analyzer Hp/8592A-USA ± 0.1db
Thermometer Hygrometer-2 MT &CC/Nil ± 1Deg C
K- Type Thermocouple Nag man/K ± 1Deg C
RTD – Thermocouple Heatcon/PT100 ± 1Deg C
4 ¾  digit Multimeter Fluke / 187 (USA) ± 0.025%
4 ½ digit Multimeter Fluke / 87 (USA) ± 0.05%
4 ½ digit LCR-meter Escort-3133A (Taiwan) ± 0.05%
400 MHz Oscilloscope Tekhind/ 2465B-USA ± 1%
100MHz  Oscilloscope Tektronix/1012B-USA ± 1%
Current Shunt (0-100AMPS/100mV) EIC ± 0.5%
Current Shunt (0-100AMPS/100mV) EIC ± 0.5%

& other Instruments, Probes, Accessories, Jigs & Fixtures etc.

Accommodation & Environment

The Calibration Area, Energy sources, Lighting, Temperature, Humidity are maintained in such a way as to facilitate proper performance of calibration activity.

All calibration @ lab is carried out under controlled Temperature and Humidity as specified by the standards.

The power supply to the work bench is stabilized using voltage stabilizer and isolation transformers of appropriate KVA rating.

Traceability & Calibration

Our SERVICES (Calibration division) has an established program for periodic calibration of its Standards/Masters. The Standards/Masters are calibrated periodically from higher echelon a laboratory (NPL, ETDC etc) which provides traceability to National/International Standards or by using higher accuracy in-house Instruments / Equipments that are traceable to National/International standards.

The Standards/Masters are subjected to in-service checks where relevant or as scheduled.

Standards/Masters used for Calibration of Test & Source Instruments/Equipments

Standards/Masters Make/Model Basic Accuracy
Multi Product Calibrator Transmille/3010-Sys ± 8ppm
Signal Generator R&S/SMB-100A ± 1ppm
High Precision Ac/dc  Calibrator Rotek / 3950-USA ± 50ppm
CRO Calibration Generator Tektronix /PG506A (USA) ± 0.25 %
CRO Time Mark Generator Tektronix /TG501 (USA) ± 10ppm
250MHz Leveled Sine wave Generator Tektronix /SG503 (USA) ± 0.7 % of LSD
Stop Watch Kadio/KD ± 1msec
High stability decade Megohm box-7D Vaiseshika/8400 ± 2 %
High precision decade resistance -7D Vaiseshika/7400 ± 0.02 %
STD resistors(0.1,10,100,mOhms) Vaiseshika 9409,A,B,C ± 0.05 %
AC/DC Precision Calibrator Rotek/3950 (USA) ± 50ppm
Sweep Oscillator(0.01-GHz&18.6GHz) HP/8350 A,B(USA) ± 100ppm
DC Power Supply Aplab/7111 ± 1%
Resistance Standards MT&CC/MEG-OHM-R-100 ± 1%
Decade Resistance Box MT&CC/CC-01 ± 1%
Decade Resistance Box Radart/903 ± 1%
H.V.Source RPVL/0-30KVac ± 1%
H.Current Source RPVL/0-500Amps ± 1%

Our Partial Customer list

Power Grid Corp of India Limited NTPC NLC
Robert Bosch Engineering Power Gear LTD L&T
Microtek Instruments ABB TUV Rhineland India Pvt. Ltd
Pace Micro Technologies ltd Elcoteq Technologies ltd Triphase Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Wipro Technologies TVS Group of Companies Sparr electronics Pvt Ltd
Rangsons electronics Pvt ltd Sinetec automation AUMA India Pvt ltd
Sitarc Cal Lab Apollo Hospitals, Regen powertech Pvt ltd
Pricol LMW Group Wep peripherals Ltd
Premier Evolvics Tummala Electronics TBS Groups
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